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John Sorflaten

John Walter Sorflaten holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema Arts and Humanities, a Master’s Degree in Education, and a PhD in Visual Studies. Being born and brought up in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, John also has many decades of experience as a usability engineer.

His friends and family consider him to be a classic INTJ personality. Moreover, John Sorflaten hails from Norwegian descent but has no accent. Even though his profession falls more on the technical side, his passion for writing insightful blogs on how to make human-computer interaction easier and enjoyable makes him a writer-to-be-dealt-with. Google it. Or Bing it. Or whatever.

Moreover, John Sorflaten has a flair for both the technical and creative. He can be analytical and still pursue artistic endeavors like making poems and films (documentaries and drama). What’s more, John’s day-to-day routine involves enjoying creation, meditating, and deriving profound conclusions about the nature of life before going to bed!

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We become a part of the books we read

We all have a place on our shelves for books that are unique and compelling. The unforgettable chronicles and stories out there today will always keep you coming back, no matter how many times you read them!

Discover how technology rises and encompasses everything it touches.

What’s Inside The Book?

Thrall Conspiracy-Solar Conjunction

The story highlights the role of peripheral and evolving forces in saving humanity from external and internal forces beyond the cognizance of ordinary humans. However, unfortunately, the program fails as the protagonist, Isaac, makes an impossible decision.

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August 18, 2022


I would like to acknowledge “An Unknown Pseudonym” being Charles Reeves. I would also like to express my gratitude to the millions of silent advocates for safe living and an…
August 18, 2022

Chevron Ad

Nothing is more precious than life." - Social Commentary Hyperobject Industries. CREDITS: Writer Adam McKay; Voice Steven San Miguel; Editor Bruce Herrman; Producer Staci Roberts-Steele; Special Thanks Lost Planet and…
November 3, 2023

Greta Thunberg Iowa City 4 Oct 2019

In Iowa City, Iowa. Video by the Solar Conjunction author, John Sorlaten, 4 October, 2019.
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