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Book 1

Thrall Conspiracy-Solar Conjunction

In a world shadowed by unseen forces, domineering alien humanoids have mastered a sinister strategy. Leveraging advanced technology, they amplify human stress and discord, ensnaring nearly 40% of Earth’s adults in tumultuous conflict. At the heart of their scheme is an alien leader, cunningly commanding a global enterprise. This corporation champions the relentless use of fossil fuels and dismissively ignores warnings about the imminent peril to low-lying coastal metropolises. The rising sea levels threaten these megacities, and as the waters surge, so does chaos, with millions facing displacement and unparalleled conflict.

Amidst this grand alien manipulation, a brilliant archaeologist, tormented by haunting, PTSD-like visions, seeks answers. Whispered words from his dying mother speak of a unique destiny, hinting he was “born out of time.” As he unravels the mysteries of his past and the alien conspiracy, he discovers another profound truth: a twin sister, his very mirror in DNA, kept hidden from him. Their reunion is monumental but only the first of many revelations. Together, they must confront the alien-driven corporate behemoth, combat the global chaos, and decipher their shared fate. Dive into a tale where destiny intertwines with global machinations. 🌌🏺👫🌊


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Book 2


In 1958, as the Nautilus traversed beneath the North Pole, its voyage held layers of mysteries. On the surface, it marked America’s triumphant response to Russia’s Sputnik. Yet, to President Eisenhower, this journey was a bold statement to the extraterrestrials linked to the Roswell incident and secrets of Area 51: humanity was awakening.

Amidst these covert affairs, an unexpected event unfolded. A celebrity psychic, against all odds, gave birth to identical twins on the submarine. These siblings—a boy and a girl—were destined to reshape history. Born with potent abilities, they’d confront the alien influence that had dulled humanity’s senses to the grave perils of global warming.

But the twins grappled with their own dilemmas. Their unmatched powers, at times, spelled trouble. Only when they learned to harmonize their strengths could they hope to counteract the rising seas, alien manipulations, and protect vulnerable populations from chaos. Dive into their gripping journey. 🌊🌌👫


“Available in Soft-cover, Hard-cover, eBook, and Audio Book”