Immanuel Manu Sorflaten renamed himself “Manyou” to avoid commonness. Well, that’s what artists do for a living. 

Manyou loves talking about space and spaceships among other things. First, regarding talking, there was a 10-year or so hiatus with speech. That was a couple of years after some psychiatric issues at age 20. When speech started picking up, so did the drawing with pen and paper. It was gradual, but drawing with the right hemisphere seemed just the right thing for Manyou. 

The right hemisphere has a lot to say (or show). The drawings in this book came out between 2012 and about 2016–way before the book. But by a stroke of nature, the qualities of Isaac Jr. and his story seem to match the qualities of Manyou’s drawings. Are there really no coincidences?

Manyou loves to watch movies. He might own half of Amazon Prime by now. We don’t really know. But he might. 

Also, he is a thinker. Look up his 2020 book on Amazon “Sinking Anchor”. It’s a collection of art and wisdom sayings. 

Speaking of Sinking Anchor, Manyou has quite a collection of video blogs on YouTube. Do a search on SinkingAnchor (just one word) and look for the interesting guy. He’ll be adding lots more, too.